We are the right point of contact for you if you need any kind of Airplay information. With us you get high quality and excellent service at a fair price. Our customers are predominantly record labels, promoters and radio stations. But we also work together with advertising marketers and companies from different sectors.

In Germany, we are the official partner of the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI, Federal Music Industry Germany) and in Austria and Switzerland we’re also partners of the country representations of IFPI. However, we scan the radio market and compile Airplay Charts in many other European countries.

Our Services

Airplay Charts

We create these daily in trend and on Fridays as a weekly chart. We offer main charts as well as format and repertoire charts and some others.

Track Monitoring

Register your tracks for single title monitoring or register a whole album together. We will evaluate the radio plays, deliver a variety of usage statistics to you and thus support your promotion.

Station Hits

For music schedulers, station hit lists offer a quick overview of their station’s programming. A track search will show you if the ‘next big hit’ is already being played.


The above named services only represent a small part of the data that is available to you in our portal. A variety of analyses, settings and ways of filtering and sorting are available to you. The database is updated every day, and some statistics even several times each day. You can keep an eye on the latest developments all the time.

Customised Analyses

We also offer customised analyses such as annual analyses in terms of collecting royalties. Please contact us for further information.