Effective immediately, the official German Airplay charts will be provided by MusicTrace

The Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI-Federal Music Industry) yesterday announced that MusicTrace will be the new provider for the official German Airplay charts. So MusicTrace is replacing the company Bach Technology after two years.

"Measurement of radio consumption is very important in chart provision since radio is still the most important channel in German citizens’ mix of music use. About half of music consumption goes to terrestrial and online radio programmes. So, which artist is ahead in the official German Airplay charts is very exciting and meaningful in the market!" said BVMI manager Dr. Florian Drücke. "We are happy to have MusicTrace on board who have not only excellent technological expertise but also great industry experience."

The official German Airplay charts are publicly accessible on http://www.radiocharts.com/. Registration for the Airplay charts is free.

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