We license our watermark technology to companies who use it for many different application scenarios. Purchase of the software is, on the other hand, not possible. Our customers receive the watermark technology product they require, the watermark information detection software and all necessary rights to the use of the software during the term of the license.

The license term is usually extended automatically by a further calendar year as long as notice is not given. In this way we ensure that our customers can use the technology as long as they require access to our watermark process.

After the end of the license term, our customers have the additional option of just licensing the watermark information detection software for a further term at a particularly advantageous price. So, rights infringements can be detected after the actual license period.

With the different applications, the value of the watermark’s protective effect, the number of copies made and also the revenue targeted by our customers can differ greatly and thus we do not offer a general license price. If possible we try to adjust the license charges to the particular business model. If, for example, a music promotion service provider requests a flat charge for a product - irrespective of the number of recipients - a uniform watermark charge for processing the product is often better for the contractor than a charge for every copy made.

Hence we do not publish a price catalogue here but are happy to create a quote customised to your requirements for you. Please contact us and tell us your requirements for a watermark solution.