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Airplay charts compiled by MusicTrace now available on radiocharts.com

MusicTrace Products

MusicTrace gathers information about the utilization of music and commercials in broadcasting channels and the Internet. Its customers can choose from the following products and services:

Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring Broadcast Monitoring: Using its broadcast monitoring system, MusicTrace scans radio and TV programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information gathered can be used to generate various statistics for music titles and determine the speech/music ratio. On the one hand, these data can be used to ensure correct distribution of royalties. On the other hand, these data help to verify whether commercials were aired at the agreed times. [More information on Broadcast Monitoring]

Audio Watermarking

Audio Watermarking Watermark Embedding: MusicTrace offers software products for embedding digital watermarks into audio signals. By means of these products it is possible to transmit additional information, e.g. a transaction number, hidden in the music. In doing so, distinguishable copies can be made of any particular music title or audio book. Those copies can be distributed to recipients in the scope of a pre-release campaign or a download shop subsequently. If such a file is found on the Internet at a later time, it can be traced back to the original recipient by means of the embedded watermark. [More information on Watermark Embedding]

Essential parts of the MusicTrace products are the basic technologies audio fingerprinting and audio watermarking. The audio fingerprinting technology enables the content-based recognition of music and commercials, i.e. recognition of the specific item only based on the audio signal thereof. In contrast to audio fingerprinting, audio watermarking allows to embed additional information in the audio signal of a music title. Among others, this technology allows to distinguish between copies of one certain title due to the embedded watermark. [More information on the technologies]

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