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Broadcast MonitoringBroadcast Monitoring for Music and Commercials


Using its broadcast monitoring system, MusicTrace scans radio and TV broadcasts around the clock and records these data. The information gathered in this manner can be provided to customers in the form of our product CastTrace.

Using its broadcast monitoring system, MusicTrace monitors numerous radio stations that span a diverse range of programming. Monitoring involves feeding the audio signal from each station into the system for investigation based on audio fingerprinting technology.

Numerous types of information can be extracted from the resulting data. Advertising agencies, for example, can check whether their commercials were actually broadcast in the agreed number. Consumer research organizations can use these data to generate lists of the most-frequently played music titles and recording labels and then determine how effectively their music titles are presented to the listening audience. Of course, numerous other applications are also possible.

Information on the Broadcast Monitoring System

The broadcast monitoring system currently has a capacity of more than 100 satellite and cable stations. It is capable of receiving all stations broadcast via the ASTRA and Eutel satellites as well as those stations fed into the cable network in Erlangen by the cable network operator KDG Deutschland. In Germany, this collectively entails over 100 radio stations and over 50 television channels.

Other European broadcasts are also input via satellite and the cable network. Hence MusicTrace is already capable of gathering information on the most important European stations/channels, processing these data and making them available to customers.

Furthermore, the broadcast monitoring system can also monitor Internet broadcasts. In addition to the satellite and cable stations/channels, around 200 Internet broadcasts can be fed into the system concurrently. The supported streaming formats for Internet broadcasts are MP3, WMA and Real. This enables us to access 200 additional national radio stations and a very large number of international stations/channels.

Additional Information

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